In the spring of 2013 Brian Gruben and his wife, Cindy, had just finished their 3rd season with the Frenship HS Winter Guard.  At the time, Frenship was competing in the North Texas Colorguard Association out of Dallas/Ft. Worth.  The closest contests were over 300 miles away.  Historically, there were several hundred competing color guards and drumlines in the state of Texas but, because time and cost of travel had become prohibitive, only seven of them were from the Texas Panhandle and Permian Basin.  In an effort to address these concerns, we decided to create a circuit to meet the needs of west Texas.

The goals for the new circuit were simple – to provide quality performance venues closer to home while building the quality of the color guards and drumlines in west Texas, and to introduce and assist programs new to the indoor guard and percussion activities.  As an added bonus, we believed that, by cultivating high quality spring performances, fall programs from each participating unit would also improve.

Since its inception, CCGC has grown from a humble nine participating units in 2014 to its current roster of 22 units offering performance opportunities to almost 1,000 square miles of west Texas and eastern New Mexico.  We look forward to serving your program in the near future! 

The plan for the new circuit was two-fold.  First, to build the quality of the colorguards and drumlines from this part of Texas. Second, to introduce and assist programs new to indoor guard and percussion.  Not only will the winter programs improve but so will the fall programs.  The first meeting held by the circuit had 2 directors show up.  The next meeting in December had about 10 show up.  At this point we need it would be a viable program.  The first contest held at Monterey HS in Lubbock had 9 total units.  6 guards and 3 drumlines.  From there, once word got out that it was a successful, the circuit continued to grow until the Championship show which had 5 drumlines and 13 colorguards.  


Education for our participating student-athletes and professional development for our participating color guard and percussion educators.

The circuit is home to a director friendly environment, which promotes academic and physical excellence via competition-based educational experiences. Independent and collegiate guards and percussion units will be welcome.  However, the focus will remain on providing a positive experience for our region’s young scholastic units.   While simultaneously promoting excellence among established ensembles that possess a strong desire to participate locally. As directors of color guards participating in circuits outside of our region, we understand the high cost and complex logistics involved in long-distance travel. Caprock Color Guard Circuit has been established to help minimize those obstacles by bringing the competitive opportunities closer to home.